Let me introduce myself!

My name is Elisabeth, but you can call me Lizzie.

I am a licensed CPA, a wife and a mother to four young boys, but my true identity is found in Christ.

I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with my Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, and studied to obtain my CPA license shortly thereafter.

I worked with a CPA firm in Middle Tennessee as an auditor before leaving to go to the private sector in the automotive industry. During my time as an auditor, my favorite clients were in the nonprofit industry for reasons including appreciation for the unique accounting challenges in the industry. After working in the automotive industry, I felt God calling me to start my own business. Now I serve clients by providing outsourced accounting for non-profits and churches, easing the worries of clients as they face audits, licensing applications, grant requirements, etc.

Email me at lizzie@burninglampactg.com to see how I can increase your peace of mind today.

Elisabeth Underwood, CPA